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Grand Hyatt


At the Grand Hyatt they have a main pool of 2600 m3 which is run using an online 14 cell setup. Aquaclear systems can be completely customized to suit the swimming pool volume and location, Grand Hyatt swimming pools have been  disinfected using Aquaclear system since 2005.

Like other pool sanitation systems, the purpose of a saltwater pool is to reduce the level of microorganisms (usually by 99.9% or more) to safe levels. Aquaclear system  eliminating the need to purchase, store and dose chlorine. Those people who would come into contact have a safer place to work, play and swim.

Produce sodium hypochlorite in-situ and on demand to provide the right amount when you need it. The systems are fully automatic, PLC controlled and sized to cater for peak demand. The compact and modular nature of the process allows for easy customized easy design, installation and upgrades.