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Aquaclear Disinfection Systems

Why Use AQUACLEAR for disinfection?

Aquaclear onsite Chlorine disinfection systems are safe, reliable and cost effective. Aquaclear does not require powdered or granulated chlorine, nor does it expose employees to the hazards associated with the storage and handling of chlorine.

Customised Aquaclear disinfection systems can be developed to meet operating requirements. Equipment selection and design will ensure an adequate supply of liquid chlorine is available for disinfection.

Aquaclear systems are based on the principles of electrochlorination. Electrochlorination is a cost effective means of water disinfection and a suitable substitute to traditional chlorine systems. Aquaclear disinfection systems are equipped with controls to ensure the correct amount of chlorine is delivered to save money by not overdosing whilst ensuring the minimum level is maintained.

Aquaclear disinfection systems supplied and installed by Wafi Industrial LLC (Process Systems Gulf). The Wafi Group is well known within Dubai and the UAE for providing quality and reliability.

A number of hotels and water parks are already using Aquaclear.