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Electric swimming pool heaters

Electric swimming pool heaters

An electric heater is easy to connect to the existing electrical power-mains and provides full power round the clock. The water from the swimming pools circulation flows through the heater and is heated by the heating element. The heaters are compact and can be installed in all types of pool or spa. Pahlén electric heaters have at capacity range from 1,5 to 60kW. The smaller heaters within the range 1 to 3kW suit smaller pools and spas. Heaters in the range 3 to 18kw are for larger in ground and above ground pool while the lager heaters from 18 to 60kW are made for public facilities.



Top Quality Swimming Pool Equipment

Pahlen manufacture some of the best swimming pool equipment in the world and Compass is proud to be exclusive distributors for the UAE. Their heaters are world class for quality and price and we carry a huge range ready for immediate delivery. We also carry stock of most of their standard products including their world famous jet swim and bronze pumps

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