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Why Composite?


Why Composite Pools?

Composite Pools, often known as Fiberglass (or Glass Fibre / GRP) Pools have become increasingly popular type of swimming pools for residential homes and especially for commercial projects due to its lightweight and quick installation.

Besides bespoke design, there are many advantages of having Composite swimming pool over other types.

Low Build Up Cost
Despite no major price difference in equipment and accessories, the build-up cost of a Composite Pool is highly competent than the concrete pools as concrete pools take enormous time to build.
Quick Installation
Composite Pools are pre-formed and only require excavation followed by MEP works whereas concrete pools are built from scratch. A Composite Pool can be operational within a couple of weeks and a concrete pool can take up to 6 months to complete!
Appealing Aesthetics
TCTI Pools® are available in standard pre-formed shapes and can be customized as well. TCTI Pools® have a very smooth finish because of the industry-standard coatings whereas concrete pools tend to have a relatively rough surface.
Easy Relocation
Composite Pools can be relocated even after the complete installation - a flexibility that concrete pools can never offer.
No Room for Algae
There are many factors for Algae to grow inside a pool and the porous surface is one of the majors. While the concrete pools’ surface is super porous, the surface of Composite Pools is non-porous which makes it very difficult for Algae to grow.
Less Maintenance
Concrete pools need more chemicals to ensure the safe water standards and are estimated to have 4 times more maintenance cost than the Composite Pools in a longer run. Concrete pools also require acid wash and re-plastering of the surface.
All TCTI Pools® are designed and built for a lifetime. Throughout the production process, the pools go through various structural and design validation checks to ensure the pool withstands extreme weather conditions.



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