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Pool Disinfection: Knowing What Works For Your Pool

Pool Disinfection
Types of Pool Disinfection Methods

When disinfecting your pool and keeping it safe for guests, there are multiple ways to go about it. Each one has its pros and cons and can fit according to what you can handle. Here are three of the main pool disinfection methods you can utilize for your pool:

Manual Pool Disinfection

For those looking for an ultimately cost-effective method of disinfecting their pool water, the manual use of chlorine, and other accompanying chemicals is. Manual disinfection also makes use of testing kits for verifying the pH levels and composition of the water. However, this does expose pool owners to the risk of chlorine inhalation.

On-site Chlorination System

Otherwise known as a dosing system, this method utilizes an automated system to take care of pool disinfection. It makes use of a store of chemicals to maintain the water’s chemical balance whilst having the capability to check for both pH levels and chlorine content. Should any imbalances be detected, it will add your choice of pH chemical or chlorine according to what’s needed.

Although it still exposes you somewhat to the risks of chlorine exposure, it tends to be safer than the manual use of these chemicals. They can also save you both time and effort thanks to their hassle-free operation. Efficient use of pH chemicals and chlorine stores will also ensure that your budget is used to its fullest.

Salt-chlorination System

Usually treated as an additional system to on-site chlorination setups, a Salt-Chlorination System can create its chlorine stores from salt. Instead of buying chlorine, you’ll need to avail yourself of pool salt to feed the system. Further differentiating from other pool disinfection methods, a salt-chlorination system can be installed as an online or offline system.

An online system is typically used for smaller pools up to standard-sized home pools. The main benefit of this system, aside from its compact profile, is that you’ll have chlorine production at your convenience. Saltwater pools tend to be easier to maintain due to that reason. Your pool guests will also love bathing in water that’s less likely to cause irritated eyes and dry hair.

Offsite systems, on the other hand, are used for larger pools such as ones found in commercial settings (hotels, spas, etc.). Here, pool salt doesn’t need to be added directly into the pool as you’ll be storing them within a separate container. This is an ideal setup for pools that are constantly in use and cannot be closed for sustained periods.

Which Pool Disinfection System Fits Your Pool

One thing to understand about water disinfection is that its uses extend beyond just swimming pools. It’s also applied to industrial scale with water utilities and the like. Sanitizing water allows for safe consumption and lowers the infection risk from waterborne microorganisms and contributes to a safer environment.

Within the municipality of Dubai, set standards have been emplaced to make sure that pool water is safe for all guests. The kind of pool disinfection system might vary but the result should always be the eradication of most bacteria and algae from the water source.

Manual Pool Disinfection should only be utilized by pool owners who are willing to take the time and effort to manually check and maintain water composition and pH levels. They should also take care to avoid direct contact with the chlorine used as it might cause health issues down the road.

On-site and Salt-Chlorine Disinfection Systems are great for pools of all sizes, saving owners the hassle of manual disinfection. Those who want to minimize the risk of chemical exposure should invest in a salt-chlorine system as it bypasses the need for a chlorine storage tank.

Luckily, many swimming pool cleaning firms offer leasing setups for these sorts of automated chlorination systems. Compass provides various options for the leasing of its salt-chlorination systems, allowing you to stay well within the guidelines set by the Government of the UAE.

Visit our website for more information on how you can avail of our salt-chlorination systems alongside other swimming pool accessories. Make your pool maintenance routine easier with Compass and keep your pool fresh and in top shape!

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