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Swimming Pool Cleaning: Protecting Pool From Dubai’s Sands!

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Sand can be difficult to completely get rid of since it’s got a tendency to get everywhere. It creates a gritty and uncomfortable feeling that’s just annoying to deal with. Here are some tips that you can consider when wanting to get rid of all that sand from your property’s pool:

Checking in With Your Pool’s Sand Filters

Before you start diagnosing your pool, it’s a good idea to check whether your sand filters are still in working order. Cracks and other factors can damage your filter and ensure that any cleaning you get done will just get dirtied up again. That’s why we highly endorse contacting swimming pool cleaning professionals to make sure everything’s up to speed.

Some things that can break your sand filters include your pool’s pH levels being high enough to create calcified sand. Made primarily from Calcium Phosphate, this material is made from a perfect scenario where in calcium phosphate is created through high pH levels and the binding of calcium and phosphate. This results in an incredibly hard material that’s difficult to remove from your pool.

Other potential sources of filter damage could be mudballs clogging up the filter. These “mudballs” are created from various media such as oils, hair, and all sorts of objects that clump together. Some solutions for this involve the use of filter cleaning solutions to loosen up the materials clogging your filters.

Lastly, your filters may just be leaky due to cracks within the unit. Some pool owners might be enticed to just get some duct tape and call it a day. Repairing this sort of damage is unadvisable because it might result in accidents due to pressure buildup.

Adjusting Your Pool’s Water Levels

There’s also the concern about Dubai’s ambient temperatures and how they can affect the water levels of your pool. The sand isn’t the only threat as the heat can go all the way to max during the summer months. Evaporation rates tend to be around 1-3% of its total volume per week and can exacerbate without an automatic filling system.

Not enough water in your pool affects how your filter system operates. It fills with air and can damage the motor system, creating an expensive problem for any pool owner. Aside from an automatic refilling system, you could call a local water utility service to help you get back to the right water levels.

There’s also the chance of your pool flooding with too much water during storms. This has harmful effects on the effectiveness of your pool’s filter. For that, you’ll want to invest in a pump drain to help remove excess water. Swimming pool accessories such as automated systems and drains can be of great help when maintaining water levels across the year.

Working With Professionals to Keep Your Pool Running in Dubai!

Of course, it’s important to know how much you can devote to properly maintaining your pool. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep track of every detail to keep everything in top shape. Knowing the ins and outs of your pool can also be of great help, especially when you know what swimming pool accessories you’ll need in the long run. Consistency is also key in protecting your pool from Dubai’s heat and sandy environment.

If all that sounds a bit overwhelming for you, then hiring swimming pool cleaning professionals is the best choice! It’ll mean that your pool gets taken care of by a team that has the right tools and experience for the job. You’ll never have to be the one to take care of your pool’s problems and risk making mistakes in the process.

Looking for swimming pool accessories and swimming pool cleaning services? Then Compass is the firm that’s perfect for you. We specialize in providing our clients with swimming pool construction, servicing, accessories, and disinfection solutions. Leading the swimming pool and spa industry since 1989, Compass aims to strengthen its position further by adapting to innovative solutions and best practices. Visit our official website for more information on what we can do for you and your pool!

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